Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Restart executed!

Half an hour ago I tried to log into my Just Been Paid back office but it was down for maintenance. Just a minute back I was able to log in and the restart just took place. How did it affect my account?
Well, almost 50% of my active triplers have been converted and I received 25 JSS Positions :) Here is a pic of how the latest restart affected my account:
You can see how the restart has increased the value of my Just Been Paid account from $1071 to $1800! And I received a restart cash of $20.50.
I'm only a bit concerned with the 26 JSS Matrices I have to work with now... well, once they are placed. From the update in the Just Been Paid back office it is stated that this will take up to 14 days... hopefully :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Restart getting closer!

Just got the email from the Just Been Paid owner about the next restart:
(^_^) JSS-Tripler - Restart Getting Closer!

Welcome to all our new members!

Expect the next Restart to happen on
about 7/30/12:


The "position cut-off date" is 7/16/12.
This means that all JSS-Tripler positions
bought on or after 7/16/12 will NOT be
affected by the Restart. So any JSS-Tripler
positions you buy from now on will not
be affected by this coming Restart.
Let's see how many of my triplers get converted this time :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Payment processor!

Ok people! This is important as Payza just created a new processor and as early as July 20, 2012, Payza will begin utilizing this new affiliate site to process transactions for MOST of the business I and YOU are involved in.
This transition will also be made by many other organizations on the 20th.  
If you are in my team please:
I request that each member start the process of creating and verifying their new account as quickly as possible to facilitate a smooth transition to this new provider. it will keep you away from more delays... hopefully :)
The payment processor industry has been hit with new licensing
expectations as well as significant growth in the last quarter. 
This has caused delays with certain providers and changes with others.
To be better prepared for these situations in the future, I'm asking
you to establish an account with each of the pay providers we utilize. 
The verified accounts with each provider will insure better
access to your funds and deposits to your accounts.

Occasionally we experience technical challenges with certain providers that are
out of our control. In these situations, we find ourselves at the mercy of the
provider to get these issues resolved. 
Having multiple accounts will allow you to switch over to another provider if
one of them is experiencing technical challenges.

Ego Pay

Fake Just Been Paid email... again :(

So today I received another fake email that is supposed to come from Just Been Paid. I saw the alert yesterday in the Just Been Paid back office under "fraudulent email" and today I got the email myself in my Gmail account:
New Offer for a limited time! Jssxjfieh.com (changed address!)


you have been chosen for JustBeenPaid Special Offer,
the best success and moneymaking system on the web!

It is our new limited time offer for just some members chosen by luck from our database.
This offer is Short Term Investment Plans (For limited time only) :

Please check :

http://jsshfhdb.com (changed address)

This offer is for very limited time and very little members.
So don't lose your chance, Try to join it as soon as possible.

This is a limited one-time opportunity, don't miss Your pot of gold!

Very Best Regards,

Promotion Team

This email is being sent to Some of JustBeenPaid Members.

Surprisingly this email has the very same sender address than the real Just Been Paid emails. Anyway if you have read my earlier posts you should already know that Just Been Paid does not give away anything free: nor money, nor positions or referrals! 

Stay safe!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just Been Paid Restart Alert

Got an email from Just Been Paid today about a restart that is going to take place in about two weeks :) That's quite earlier than we all have expected as the last one is less than 3 month away!
I think it has to do with all the delays the triplers are suffering, all the new members that have joined and the problem with the payment script. Anyway, we all know a restart is for the good of the membership so don't worry and be happy this business is still going and paying it's members :)
(^_^) JSS-Tripler - Restart Coming Soon!

Welcome to all our new members!

Within the next 2 weeks or so, a Restart
will be done:


The "position cut-off date" is 7/16/12.
This means that all JSS-Tripler positions
bought on or after 7/16/12 will NOT be
affected by the Restart. So any JSS-Tripler
positions you buy from now on will not
be affected by the coming Restart.

The best time to buy JSS-Tripler positions
is immediately after a Restart. Any
positions you buy during the coming weeks
will effectively be the same as buying
JSS-Tripler positions immediately after
a Restart. The chances are very good that
there won't be another Restart for about
90 days, meaning the positions you buy
now will mature, paying out 150%, before
the next Restart.

The "account cut-off date" will be
6/30/12 -- JSS-Tripler accounts opened on
or after this date will not be affected
by the Restart.

This is also a great time to promote
JSS-Tripler, because new accounts and
positions will not be affected by the

It's very easy to make money with


JSS-Tripler is indefinitely sustainable:


The JSS-Tripler Pay-It-Forward System
is working well. All members who create
their JSS-Tripler accounts for the first
time get "$10 free money" in their JSS-
Tripler accounts. They can immediately
buy a JSS-Tripler position and start
earning up to 2% per day!

Please tell your prospects that if they
create their new JSS-Tripler accounts,
they get "$10 free money" to get started.
(Note that after 45 days their JSS-Tripler
accounts will be debited with $10.)

Working for our wealth and success,

Frederick Mann

P.S. I challenge you to find any program
that's easier to make money with than

P.P.S. JSS-Tripler is likely to become
"the program everyone in the know joins."
If you join immediately, you can tell
your friends and contacts about it...
before they join under someone else.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Got my first JSS Matrix position

I cannot believe this! After the last Just Been Paid restart, that happened May the 25th, I finally got my very first JSS Matrix position today. Too bad I noticed too late as I did spend all of my available my funds buying new triplers.... hahaha!
Well, no big deal; I'll start working that JSS Matrix tomorrow :)

More delayed payments received :)

Here are my latest received Just Been Paid delayed payments they've send me:

You can see they've send me a 5%, a regular 2% and today I got a 4% payment :)
Awesome 8)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just Been Paid update about delayed payments

Received this email from Just Been Paid about the delayed payments we are going through:
(^_^) JSS-Tripler - Getting up to Speed!

Welcome to all our new members!

Unfortunately, our daily 2% Earnings
Payments have been delayed due to server
speed issues -- luckily we have new servers
ordered and on the way. Fortunately, in a
few minutes 2% Earnings Payments will start
to be paid for the last 3 days (up to 5
percent earnings for some people) -- enjoy,
and sorry for the inconvenience.

It might already be posted in the member
area by the time you read this.

Just logged into my account after reading this update and see there: they paid me 5% into my JSS Tripler account :) Awesome!! Just Been Paid Rocks!!
Hope the problem with the daily earnings is solved now ;)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Received payment for July the 5th and 6th

Ok, slowly payments are coming... here is a pic of my financial stats in Just Been Paid
So now there is still 4 days to be paid out. Will be there soon ;)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Payments going out

So today I've been able to access my JSS-Tripler account again and I also got a delayed payment from July 5th... so things are moving again and this is great :) Hope they manage to get all those delayed payments out as soon as possible!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Delays in Just Been Paid payments

I just logged into my Just Been Paid back office and I got a little shock as there was no payment from my active triplers nor am I able to access the JSS-Tripler back office either. So, as usual and before starting to panic, I joined the conference room, you can enter it any time to ask questions and to know what is going on: http://justbeenpaid.com/conference
There I heard that the Just Been Paid crew are working on the tripler script as it needs to be upgraded. Due to the huge amount of members joining the actual script was not able to keep up with the payments so they need to work on it. That's the reason I'm not able, and I'm sure you cannot either, enter the JSS-Tripler site. That is also the reason why the payments have been delayed more and more during the last few weeks... 
Hope they manage to fix this soon ;)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Too many new members?

So they were right: People have been contacting me about problems with the daily payments at Just Been Paid. After logging in today I noticed this anouncement:
Substantial growth of our member base has necessitated the enhancement and optimization of our JSS-Tripler Daily Earning payout system. We are currently running Thursday earnings. Some members did not receive earnings on Tuesday and that will also be resolved shortly. Thank you for your patience and rest assured that every JSS-Tripler position will always pay out the full 150%.

So no worries people! The payments will be up to date soon and all your positions will run till you got your 150%. I've seen a few days with no payment but it wasn't discounted in your triplers either so you are not really losing here.

Happy earnings ;)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Just invested a few more $$

As usual, today I invested $40 more in my Just Been Paid business. This will help me increase my earnings faster and I was able to buy 5 new JSS Tripler positions today. 

As my earnings are growing on a daily basis from now on I will not update my Just Been Paid earnings on a daily basis but maybe weekly :)