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How To Post Your TelexFree Ad

Holy smokes this is too simple... 
 (Isn't that a nutty picture ~  LOL!! HA!) 

1. In your TelexFree back office
2. Click on Advertise top button
3. Follow the 3 steps.
4. Makesure you see your ad on your "AdCentral" page with a GREEN CHECK MARK.
5. If you see a RED "X" you have done something wrong. Delete your ad and do over.

Question? Just contact me. 

99TelexFree Coverage ~ Amazing Product

(click to enlarge pic)  What are we placing ads for??  A hot product with tremendous value.   I'M IN LOVE!! Talk as much as you had like for a single monthly payment of only $US 49.90. Click here to see countries served.   Example of ad: 

Call unlimited to cell phones and landlines in Brazil, US, and Canada. Enjoy our free trial for 1 hour

Why Kelly Tolar Joined [TELEX] TelexFree USA Team

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How To Place an Ad With TelexFree - English Training - USA Team

Post Your Ad Daily ; Get Paid Weekly

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You might be able to make this picture a bit bigger by clicking on image above.  Yep, the ads are made for you already in your TelexFree back office.  This screen shot doesn't show all of them.  Places to post are in your back office as well.  Posting each day and as you grow a team, you can earn weekly residual income.  But hey, there's 3 ways to earn income.  Pretty cool!   Besure to watch the videos here on my blog to help you learn even more. 

***Look on the right and see the upcoming conference call to attend.

How To Sign Up A Customer In Telex - USA ENGLISH Expansion

How To Place a Call With TelexFree - USA ENGLISH Expansion

How To Sign Someone Up In TelexFree ~ USA EXPANSION NOW

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USA TelexFree Team Launches

Upcoming USA "English" Online Presentation: 
Listen and watch live!  
Saturday & Sunday, December 29th & 30th 2012  @ 8:00 PM EST.
Dial into conference at  1-712-432-0075, pin code 376560#,  Watch presentation online at 

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Quicks Steps Towards Success In Network Marketing

Network marketing has its fair share of critics out there. In fact, there may be more critics of network marketing than any other type of marketing on the planet. That is because not everyone understands how to become a successful marketer. Read these tips, and ignore the critics out there.

When trying to successfully network market, it is important that provide the original people with substantial award and praise in order for them to spread your name to their friends and coworkers. Such prizes could be "in the now" electronics, money, gift cards etc. If the original person does not get rewarded for references, they are much less likely to help you.

One network marketing tip that everyone should implement in their business is to posture correctly. Understand that you are in control and in charge. You do not want to come off as weak to your prospects so make sure you are posturing correctly, and you will achieve more success in your business.

When you're working as a network marketer, you definitely need to be accountable. If someone thinks the product you sold them is bogus, or if it is bogus, you need to be accountable. Ignoring your responsibility might cause word to spread, resulting in a shrinking network and no profits.

Always follow-up online introductions with a phone call or personal meeting when possible. If you have a prospect you connect with online, they see you as a name in an email or hyperlink on a webpage. An actual conversation personalizes your relationship and humanizes you to them. They're far more likely to do business with someone they view as real.

Once you do understand what it takes to become successful in network marketing, you will instantly realize that all the naysayers out there are just uninformed cynics whose own failed efforts have made them embittered with marketing as a whole. Implement these tips to be successful and start your marketing career. 

One of the things we always try to do in my company is "get them paid". It's a very simple business and so getting people paid within the first 2 weeks is very doable and gives them confidence as well.

I think one of the biggest problems with people's mind set in network marketing is that they think of it like their old job. They put in x amount of time and effort and they will see some money. Instead they need to understand the mindset of treating it like a business and not like a job. If one opens a bakery or a pet grooming shop or whatever, it takes advertising and word of mouth and much more effort to get the customer base and be successful than if one just goes to work at that place and puts in the time and gets a check. People need to understand that network marketing is very much the same. It's more work than a job, but the outcome is much more rewarding (in my opinion) than owning and operating a brick and mortar store.

To your success,
Thomas Price, AST (Automated Success Team), Motor Club of America San Antonio


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Surefire Ways to Get More Youtube Views on Your MCA Motor Club of America Videos

Apply for my Success Team Today: Http://

Early Warning

Before I get started on this let me make one thing perfectly clear, I am not here to show you how to make a high quality video that will get millions of views. If you do not have the ability or personality to create a Youtube video that the audience will respond to positively I can't help you (unless you're willing to pay for the extra years of college and millions of dollars in funding it would take for me to research how to change your genetic structure).
What I am going to do, however, is show you the technical side of Youtube and show you how to get your already good video noticed by the public.

So What Is Under the Hood of Youtube?

A lot. No seriously, A LOT. Under this organized database of videos and social networking lies mountains of cogs and gears. Youtube is not something to be taken lightly or half assed, to master the technical side of it and make it work in your favor you need to master the art of patience and serenity...or at least be patient enough to wait more than five minutes at a time.

The Basic Flow of the Youtube Search Engine

So as we all know Youtube has that little search bar at the top of the page that people use to find the videos they want or at least the category of videos they want. So when someone pops in and types "Music" into the search bar what does it do? Well it pops up a bunch of videos about music obviously, but what happens under the hood?
First thing that Youtube does in this situation is filter, it takes a look at all the video categories in its database and filters out anything that isn't in the Music category. So even if your video has the tag "Music" it won't do anything if your video isn't in that category.
Next thing that Youtube does is...filter again. It takes all videos with the word Music in the title, tags, and description in the music category and pulls them out...then ditches the other videos. So now you're left with videos in the music category with the word music in the title, tag, or description, if your video didn't have this...bye bye.
Third thing that Youtube does is process the video's rankings. "One of these videos has over 10 million views and hundreds of thousands of likes and favorites? Hot damn that's going in slot number 1. Oh these two are tied on views, but this other video has more favorites and likes, well that's going in slot number 2, guess the other one can take number 3. Ah here's another pair of tied videos, but I like this one better cause the word "music" is in the file name and it's in the description a lot, guess I'll give it number 4...". You're probably thinking what the hell I was doing there, well what you just read was the search engine's thinking process put into words. That's what's going through the search engine's mind whilst sorting through all these videos.
Finally, Youtube provides a list after nitpicking through these videos. It probably ditched at least a thousand, no maybe even a hundred thousand, videos that were relevant to the searcher, but since those videos weren't submitted to the right category or didn't have the proper data, they didn't even get a chance. What's worse is that the ones that did have a chance were overshadowed by views, likes, favorites, description, and file name.
With this kind of flow you can see that it's very hard for videos to reach the first page in Youtube's Search Engine, unless you're searching for some sorta obscure niche like "how to raise farm animals in a purple sink" which will probably pull up some very disturbing videos, even with good content. However, hope isn't lost as there are ways for newcomers to break the ice, even if only a little. Youtube hasn't abandoned new users just yet (give it eleven minutes).

The Basic Tools of Youtube Videos

There are a few basic tools that all Youtube channel owners should know by heart. These tools help Youtube uploaders maximize their views, as long as their content is good. These valuable tools are as follows:
  • File Name
  • Group
  • Title
  • Tags
  • Description
If you know how to use these tools efficiently already then you've already set yourself up to have at least 2-3 thousand views on your video. How do I know this?
Please turn your attention to the seemingly irrelevant and rather poor content video to your right. This is one of my videos that has been optimized for Youtube. As you can see, even with very low quality content this video has managed to acquire over 3,000 views. I know that these tools work because I've tested them thoroughly. Unfortunately there are exceptions to these rules (such as if you're working on a series in which case you need the above information to be similar to the last video of the series) or all of my videos would be as successful.

How To Optimize These Tools

So now you know all about the tools, time to make those gears turn in your favor my readers!
The first thing to consider is the video's "file name" or the name it has on your computer (usually saved as video1.avi or vid.wmv). Now you "can" upload it to Youtube as video1.avi and change the title to what you want, but you'd be missing out on a few extra drops of juice. You're competing with millions of videos here, an extra drop of Youtube Search Engine Juice is probably worth giving up your arm for.
Name your file based on what keywords you want the video to be known for. If your video is a review on the video game, Katherine, then name it something like "Katherine-Video-Game-Review.avi" remembering to replace the spaces in your video file name with dashes (search engines love it). Now your video will be ranked better for the terms "Katherine", "Video Game", and "Review", which is exactly what you want.
Next you should focus on your video's "Group". This can be less clear than the other tools but Youtube has various groups that you can submit your video to such as "Gaming", "People & Blogs", and "Society".
When choosing which category or "Group" your video is put in, think carefully what your audience will be searching for. Taking the Katherine example again will your audience be searching for people named Katherine or a blog/vlog about a girl (or very creepy boy) named Katherine? No! They want to know about the game, Katherine. So make sure that your video is submitted to the Gaming category. Otherwise you'll have a very frustrated audience if you have one at all.
Third thing to consider would be the Video's "Title". This is fairly easy to find as it's right there when you upload the video but it's an important aspect nonetheless, but you already know that if you remember how the search engine thinks. Unlike the file name, the Title adds a lot more to your video than just a bit of extra juice. The search engine will always look at your video's title FIRST when considering where on the results page you should go. If your title is relevant or nearly an exact match to the search terms it's almost guaranteed to make the first page (unless there are hundreds out there with the same title).
When giving your video a title you have to consider a lot of things. What will the search engine think and what will your audience think. Just because the search engine is in love with your title doesn't mean that the audience will care, they want to see something eye catching before they click. The best possible thing would be to make your video eye candy for both Youtube Search and Youtube Audience, but since you can probably only have one at a time in love with your video I recommend trying to find a middle ground. Make the title eye catching but also relevant, better to be accepted by both than loved by one.
Fourth thing you should focus on are the "Tags". Now these seem pretty obvious and straight forward (and fairly easy to find, right under the description)...but don't be fooled. Tags are the hidden dagger of Youtube. If your video has hundreds of tags about many different things or have tags of a sexual nature (you know XXX, Porn, Pron, etc.) then you're stabbing yourself up the butt with a large, spiked object that I won't go into detail about so that this hub doesn't get removed. Moral of the graphic analogy: a dozen or so relevant tags are worth more than a hundred or so random ones.
When filling out your tags there are a few things you should include. Make sure that every word of your video's file name and title are in your tags, as it makes the search engine read over your video and note that the tags are relevant to the video. Also make sure that you have spinoff words in your tags. For example, you have the words "Video" and "Games" in your tags...well don't forget to also put "Video Games" in there (in quotes so youtube will treat it as a single tag). Remember to include words in your tags that are similar to your video as well, if you have Xbox in your tags make sure you include Microsoft (or for a better analogy if you have Politicians in your tags make sure you include Dishonest as well). Finally make sure that your first three tags are your most relevant, you'll learn why in a few seconds.
The final thing to consider as far as these basic tools go is the video's "Description". This is supposed to be a summary or main idea of your video where you discuss things, make amendments to parts of it, post links to websites outside of Youtube, etc. Under the hood, however, it's a vital part of your video's rank. When deciding what rank your video is, the cogs and gears of Youtube Search will normally take the first 3-5 tags of your video and compare them to your video's description. If you have a lot of tags then they'll compare more of them to the description. The formula used is very simple, "number of times a certain tag is used divided by the number of total words in the description" in other words the percent of your description that has each of those keywords (otherwise known as Keyword Density). A good number to aim for is about 5% or a maximum of 8%.
So what should you write for your description? Well I'd say you should outline the purpose of your video or what your video is about. Post any special thanks or credits here as well as updates about your video or a short message to your audience if you want. Don't make your description too long or you'll have to spam your tags to keep up a good keyword density. On the other hand don't make it too short or you won't have enough room to fit in your keywords and be able to say what you need to. 400 or 500 words is probably at the maximum you want for your description while 200 words is probably at the lower end of what you want. There are exceptions such as if you're doing a video tutorial and want to put the steps in, but this will take some work to make it count so before you start doing video tutorials make sure you already know how to manage a good density.

Subscribers Explained

So a lot of people will advertise Sub4Sub groups and brag about how many subscribers they have. Many people will rush and set their goal at 20,000 subscribers instead of 200,000 views. So subscribers must be a wonderful thing right? Well...not really.
All it means when you have a lot of subscribers is that a lot of people are able to open youtube and on their home page they'll see your videos in a little update frame. Sometimes they won't even see your videos. Sometimes they subscribed to a dozen or more people and their homepage is flooded with "those" videos, not yours. All having a subscriber means is that your video has a slightly greater chance of being viewed when it first comes out. Not bad but not the best.
This is why sub4sub groups are worthless. If you subscribe to a dietary regimen channel and you run a video game channel are you really going to click on any of their videos? Whether it's on your homepage or not you'll ignore it! All sub4sub does is make it look like you have a few people watching you and even then not as much as you'd think (youtube's new channel records your actual total video views now too). Don't get mixed up in this sub4sub crap. However, if you're able to work it so that you have subscribers but aren't subscribing, "then" it'll look a whole lot better. Not much...but it's better than having 20,000 subs and subscribing to 50,000 people.

The Newcomer's Aide

Yeah it has no official name and a lot of people don't even know that it exists, but it's there. The Newcomer's Aide, or more accurately Youtube's way of letting new videos get a chance at the limelight.
For the first week of your video's upload, Youtube will look very very very very closely at your ranking. Any positive things that occur on your video such as favorites, likes, views, and comments will net your video a huge boost. One view will be worth 4 or 5, a favorite may be worth 2, likes could be worth ten, comments worth 3, etc. etc. etc. But what's even better is that these are permanent. So if your video gets 10 likes in the first week of its upload but never gets another like again, (all other things remaining the same) it will be worth more than another video that got 10 likes after the newcomer's aide period was up. Well this is ignoring a lot of other factors but you get the general idea.
So what should you do? Take advantage of it of course! Make sure that Youtube knows your video's there and is watching it. Within the first week try and have it so that every one of your friends both online and in real life have seen and liked your video (and commented). Have your parents and family watch them as well. Every person counts.


Getting A Cannonball Boost

So now that you've optimized your basic tools let's get into ways to really take advantage of all your resources. Youtube's Under the Hood framework has given you a 7 day window of opportunity to make your video rank incredibly high. So let's take that little boost and turn it into a video cannon. If 1 view will be worth 10, what would 1,000 views be worth?

Social Networking

Okay this one seems obvious but a lot of people don't bother using it. Well USE SOCIAL NETWORKING. You have a facebook, twitter, myspace, foursquared, linkedin, "and" a Blog? What the heck are you waiting for, post it there on the first day of the upload! These things are great to get some initial views and they only get better the more active you are with it. Here are some basic social networking sites to share your video to:
  • Facebook
  • Myspace (it's vintage but it's social)
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Badoo
  • Friendster (more popular in Asia now)
  • Google+ (meh)
  • QZone (China only)
  • ReverbNation (if you upload music)
  • Windows Live Spaces
  • Blogger
  • Wordpress
Even if you don't have tons of followers, friends, or whatever, there are still people who randomly browse profiles and posts. If you have your youtube channel link in your profile and some of your youtube videos in your post these people may see it. These browsers will often share the videos they like with their own friends, and from then on it's trickle down.

Social Bookmarking

Similar to social networking in dozens of ways, Social Bookmarking is pretty easy to understand. You like a link, you bookmark it, and that link is posted on your profile in said social bookmarking site. Other people also like your link, they also bookmark it, said link is saved to their profile as well. The trickle down effect, you gotta love it. Well here are some good social bookmarking sites to use:
  • Digg
  • Del.icious
  • Reddit
  • Stumbleupon
  • Hi5
  • Pinterest
  • Xanga
  • Faves
  • BonzoBox
Of course the downsides of Social Bookmarking are that if you don't have a lot of followers or friends on these sites nobody will see your link. A good way around this is to get a popular member of the site to view your link and save it on the site. If you don't know anyone then I recommend you read this article:
Getting More Backlinks With Social Monkee
This article will discuss a free tool you can use to get social bookmarking backlinks. Just please make sure you only use the free services. As you probably already know if you read my other hub on building high quality backlinks, I hate paid backlinking websites...


A simple title but an effective one. What kind of impact do comments have on a Youtube video? Well not as much as in normal SEO.
In normal SEO, comments are usually free content updates that you don't have to put time in to get. Comments add new material for the search crawlers to see the next time they take a look at your site, without you having to update or edit your post one tiny bit.
In Youtube SEO the reality is that comments attract attention. They do have some impact on how well you show up in the searches but for the most part what you're trying to get with comments is a lot of attention directed at your video. You see, commentators have subscribers themselves (sometimes). When someone comments on a video their subscribers see it on their home page (sometimes). Yes I know that's a lot of (sometimes) but it's not a bad deal. Comments won't ensure you getting more views from those commentator's subscribers, but it'll raise the chances that a few of them will see your video, drop a comment themselves, and possibly attract more attention.
Also there's a section of Youtube for the "most discussed" videos of the day. If your video gets a lot of comments it could end up there, which equals quite a number of easy views.

Comment Chains

This is a nifty little trick that takes a while to organize and even longer to get right. Here's an example:
  1. You post a video about how hard college exams are
  2. One of your friends comments agreeing with you that college exams are hard
  3. Another friend replies to the friend in step 2, disagreeing with them
  4. Those two argue for a bit
  5. A third friend comes in and joins the argument
  6. This keeps going depending on how many friends you have
  7. Eventually 3rd parties not in your chain will start replying allowing your friends to slowly step out of the loop
What this 7 step process does is generate interest to your video. If people are commenting then their friends and subscribers will see it on their feed. That equals some views. If people feel they're losing an argument on your video then they will try and get their friends to join in, more views. If people feel they're winning an argument on your video they will share it and brag to their friends, more views. So no matter who wins, you win.


The Infamous Black Hat

The techniques I've mentioned above are the ones that are accepted by Youtube, the community, and me. However that doesn't mean other, more cutthroat techniques don't exist. Just like there's something called Black Hat SEO there are also Black Hat Youtube Techniques. These include buying views. In an attempt to prevent you from doing this I'll share with you a few techniques you can use that are borderline but still follow the TOS.

Borderline Techniques

So what are borderline techniques? Well to be completely honest that's actually a misnomer I've given these tricks. There are "view 4 view" websites that advertise your youtube channel or videos in trade for you watching other people's youtube videos or subscribing to their channel. All of these websites do follow the Youtube TOS but to me it still feels like cheating sometimes. For the full review of these sites please go here:
Websites to Get More Youtube Views
Some of these websites are blocked by hubpages so I had to create an external article. I don't like directing people to Google to find websites. Especially not when I'm creating a tutorial. This Squidoo lens outlines and reviews each website I've found and used to get Youtube views as well as the various techniques you can use to make sure you come out on top with them.

A Slightly Helpful Content Tip

No I'm not going to teach you how to make excellent content. I already told you that's impossible! However I will teach you what types of videos are "evergreen", constantly popular and always returned to.
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Music
  • Animated Series (custom or commercial)
  • Comedy Routines
  • Any combination of these
These types of videos are always popular with the Youtube Community. No matter what season it is, what events are occuring, and what wars are going on, people will still want to learn, listen to music, laugh, and watch animations. Oh and they'll want to watch people humiliate themselves, that too...always.


Do You Know of a "View or Subscriber Gain" Website?

If you know of a website that is supposed to help you get free views, subscribers, or comments please post it up. I will test it out and if it's good for anything you'll see it here. If it turns out to be a flop I'll make sure to notify you in the comments.

To your success,
Thomas Price, AST (Automated Success Team), Motor Club of America San Antonio


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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Few Reasons To Join Motor Club of America Now


I am going to begin to explain why anyone should consider joining Motor Club of America and become a business owner so they can work pt/ft from home. I am not going to even touch on the advantages or the value of the discount membership services provided by MCA in this brief article. My focus is on how the working employed, unemployed and the under employed in America can benefit from the legitimate write offs and tax savings the Internal Revenue Service allow for small business owners. Just by maintaining your membership with Motor Club of America your monthly membership fees are tax deduct able when you become an MCA associate member. According to Forbes magazine: [quote] Americans fork over an average of 35.2% of their income paying taxes.[end quote] That means every year sometime in May you will complete giving everything you earn year-to-date, to the various government tax agencies. After that you actually start to pocket some of your own earnings. Could you imagine? January through May? Everything? Do you know the number one thing that you can do to keep more of your hard-earned money this year? Start your own home business. Most people are not aware that by having a home business that they are entitled to substantial tax deductions. This could make a significant difference in your lifestyle even without increasing overall income. Go to the website and do some research on your own, I know you will be amazed.
Once you factor in tax savings of being a small business owner and maintaining your membership with Motor Club of America plus all the value of our life assurance services we know you will want to share this information with other people. This is why MCA pays their associates the high level of commissions and direct deposits your earnings weekly or you may request a check for all your new business sales. It's no secret that the cost of living increases for the employed people of America have not kept up with the cost of inflation. Every time you spend money on the necessities families need like gas, food, mortgage payments and utilities we all get the unsettling reminder that it just costs more to live these days. Here is another prime reason for using an automated marketing system to promote Motor Club of America online and develop a second income plus get legitimate business write offs on the things you already spend money on like your mortgage, auto expenses and utilities, etc.

In summary maintaining your membership with Motor Club of America allows you as a business owner tax deductions employees will never be allowed to write off. Using our automated marketing system to promote your MCA business online will help you develop an additional income paid weekly for all new sales submitted by midnight Saturday deposited directly in your bank or mailed the following Friday. Weekly pay without a second job, no cold calling or hard sales techniques involved with our automated marketing system. For those members who join Motor Club of America at the Gold or Platinum level receive additional discount benefits plus a monthly loyalty rewards bonus check sent to you monthly with absolutely no sales requirements necessary to qualify. Gold and Platinum MCA membership comes with bonus rewards that will earn you thousands of dollars paid out monthly.

To your success,
Thomas Price, AST (Automated Success Team), Motor Club of America San Antonio


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Ways To Become Successful At Multi-level Marketing


Seek a source of information that is reliable, and give the misinformation and gimmicks a wide berth. The piece that follows includes several thorough, useful and timely ideas about network marketing.
Use a tool called a vision board, which will help you chart a course to network marketing success. What is your hope for your business? Would you like to have a fancy car or a lot of clothes?
Use any opportunity to you can to expose your product to your target market. People have free will, but give them opportunities.
Try organizing your website as a teaching resource. By structuring your website in this way, you are likely to see increased traffic. Also, your visitors will spend more time on your site. This will help you generate more interest from your reader and hopefully encourage them to join your network.
Most people get excited when they see a good deal. When choosing a company for your network marketing venture, try to find one that issues coupons that you can pass on to your potential buyers. You can give them to your top customers to ensure they stick with you, give them away as a contest prize, or use them to bring new customers to you. Obviously new customers are more likely to try a product if their initial investment is small.
Consider how your products are helping people, instead of focusing strictly on sales. Instead of focusing on the attributes of your product, try and explain how your product benefits the customer. Your presentation of the benefits of your product or service will make the product more desirable.
Let your down line know that you want them to participate and be communicative. Do they shy away from people? Are they having a problem? Encourage them to come to you with questions and to get to know other members of the network. Every member of the team needs to put in effort and participate in the business.
Do your best to be original when you create content for your website, magazine or Facebook posts. Make sure all bases are covered.
The needs of the customer are a top priority in multilevel marketing. You won’t be in business for long if your customers are not satisfied. Try to listen 80% and talk 20% of the time.
Set goals and expectations before beginning a MLM business. Perhaps you are only interested in approaching multilevel marketing in a casual, informal way. In order to have success with anything in life, you have to work hard and have intentions that are clear.
Multi-level marketing is a business and should be treated as such. Lots of people end up failing because they are not taking it seriously. It takes a lot of hard work to make MLM pay off, but it could turn into a fully self-sufficient career if you dedicate yourself to it. Learn all you can before starting out, and seek out proper training!
Multi-level marketing is a business method involving recruiting people to sell products your business manufactures, who in turn recruit others to do the same. This team of allied partners forms a network that helps promote your business, allowing you to concentrate on your in-house concerns.
Using the tips that you have read in this article will allow you to manifest multilevel marketing success. By utilizing these methods, you’ll have success.
If you are tired of struggling in your network marketing business then let my two buddies show you how to make $1,000 per day by blogging about your passion and discover how tomake more money today!

To your success,
Thomas Price, AST (Automated Success Team), Motor Club of America San Antonio



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Tips For Success In Multi-level Marketing


Network marketing is a great way to make moves in the world of business. It does take a lot of effort to work. You may be uncertain about the best way to get things started.
If you are encountering an obstacle, do not always try to deal with it by yourself. Look for any kinds of assistance that you might have on hand. Being blind to the fact that you need assistance is a good way to set yourself up for failure. Don’t let the problem drag on for too long either, make it known to those who can help early on.
Although it can be difficult when you first get started, you should always treat your multilevel marketing campaign as a business. If you saw an ad that says you can “make thousands a month in your spare time!!!,” run away screaming. To be successful at multi-level marketing, you have to be willing to invest a lot of time and effort into your venture. Make a pact with yourself to put your nose to the grindstone every single day, and you will start to profit in your network marketing business.
A good rule of thumb for calculating an emergency fund is to multiply your monthly expenses by nine. Using multi-level marketing, you can earn this money and much more.
If you create a detailed business plan, you will see that your network marketing results are a lot better. Make a list of goals and establish detailed strategies to get there. Figure out things like how many people you need to buy your product and what kind of marketing campaign you’re going to use.
Neural-linguistic programming, or NLP, is a great method to achieve success with MLM. Alternatively, to sell someone on a particular idea, “you” statements are very effective. ”
The best thing you can do when you get into multilevel marketing is mentally decide to succeed. This is something that cannot be taken lightly, instead you need to treat it as though it were your own brick and mortar business. If you can’t visualize your business as an actual entity, it never will be.
When you are going into network marketing, try to imitate the methods of people who have succeeded. That way, you can begin mimicking their behavior and thus achieve greater results.
Learn as much as you can about your product. By being passionate about the product you are marketing, your customers will be more receptive. If you believe in what you are marketing, you will be more convincing to potential recruits. If you learn a lot about a niche, you will be able to give truthful testimonials.
To achieve the most favorable long-term results, set specific and well-defined goals. Even if you have your long term objectives planned, it can be useful to frequently check up on your activities every 3 months. Achieving smaller goals within a long-term plan will give you valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t.
Test out the products. Instead of not knowing how the MLM products work, become informed on how to use them. By using the products and enjoying them, people will have more faith in you, and seek you out. You will also gain intimate knowledge of the product by using it yourself.
If you want to be a multilevel marketing leader, you must have a genuine passion for helping others. When you can assist people in their marketing, you’ll notice an immediate increase in your profits.
Consider how your products are helping people, instead of focusing strictly on sales. Customers will respond to this more positive, value-oriented approach. Individuals will find your product much more appealing.
Customers love feeling like they got a great deal. When deciding which multi-level marketing company to work with, find one that offers coupons that you can use as part of your marketing strategy. Coupons give you lots of options for your best customers, such as having a drawing where they can win a prize or a game people can play to win them. People will be more likely to take an interest in the product if they have a reduced price.
Your team should hold regular meetings. If everyone is on the same page, each person should come to meetings, formulate a game plan, work as a team, and succeed in goals. When you meet together, it improves the entire team.
Research and preparation are needed before you can profit from multilevel marketing. It is something that you must work at consistently to see results. Apply these tips to your efforts and keep putting in effort, and soon you’ll be a successful network marketer.

To your success,
Thomas Price, AST (Automated Success Team), Motor Club of America San Antonio



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Monday, November 26, 2012

The 20 Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords  

The Most Expensive PPC Keywords

How does Google make money? Surprisingly, 97% comes from online pay-per-click advertising. At WordStream we can’t get enough PPC; that’s why we decided to conduct some research and find out what the most expensive keywords are in Google. Some of our results about the most popular and most expensive PPC keywords were to be expected, while some (like cord blood and mesothelioma treatment) surprised us and our readers.

Note: If you don't quite understand this infographic, consider learning more about what is Google AdWords.

Top 10 Most Expensive Google Keywords

The Top 10 Most Expensive Keywords are:
  1. Insurance
  2. Loans
  3. Mortgage
  4. Attorney
  5. Credit
  6. Lawyer
  7. Donate
  8. Degree
  9. Hosting
  10. Claim
You’ll notice that these top ten most expensive AdWords keywords deal primarily with financing and industries that manage vast sums of money. The fact that the educational keyword “degree” is one of the top ten most expensive Google keywords, right up with lawyers and credit, reminds us of the growing cost of education.
The next ten most expensive keywords complete our total list, resulting the top 20 most expensive AdWords keywords:
  1. Conference Call
  2. Trading
  3. Software
  4. Recovery
  5. Transfer
  6. Gas/Electricity
  7. Classes
  8. Rehab
  9. Treatment
  10. Cord Blood
There you have it – the highest cost keywords. If you are considering entering into one of these industries, be ready to pay high cost per click rates for the top keywords. While some may start treatment facilities for the greater good, be aware that you’ll wind up in one of the most expensive niche groups, and your paid search marketing wallet will suffer from those high CPCs.
The most expensive SEM keywords may be frustrating for those in the industries, but they are the best keywords for Google, who makes 97% of revenue from advertising on Google sites (AdWords, AdSense). In the last four quarters, the biggest player of search engine history brought in $32.2 billion in total advertising revenue.

The Most Expensive AdWords Keywords

While the minimum bid per keyword is 5 cents in AdWords, the high cost keywords listed above are nowhere near that. Google can make up to $50 per click from the most expensive PPC keywords.

The most expensive niche groups paying for the most costly keywords are industries with very high lifetime customer value; the most costly AdWords keywords exist in industries where the customer pay-off is considerably high. Ultimately, the amount of money insurance companies get from an individual signing up for insurance with them makes high cost per click rates worth the investment, even at $54 a click.

Tips for Businesses in Expensive Google Keyword Niches

If you are in an industry paying big bucks for the most expensive Google AdWords key words, you will want to make sure you are implementing pay per click marketing best practices. Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • Quality Score: High AdWords Quality Scores can lower your CPC and help you pay less for the most successful keywords. Tools like the Keyword Niche Finder provide you with the ability to divide large keyword lists into smaller, more segmented lists that you can easily write targeted ad text for, resulting in improved Quality Scores and better keyword rankings.
  • Be Specific: Target specific, 3-5 word keywords. You can use a Google AdWords keyword tool to come up with specific keyword ideas, both broad and long tail keywords.
  • Use Negative Keywords: Use a negative keyword tool to find keywords you do not want to show up for. Irrelevant keywords result in costly clicks that will never drive conversions, and when bidding on the most expensive keywords at $50 per click, negative keywords are absolutely essential.
  • Focus on Relevancy
  • Landing Page Optimization: While most AdWords conversion rates stay around 2%, we will often see landing pages convert at 20% or even 30%. The key to landing page optimization is to continuously try out different types of offers and test how people respond to them.
Want to learn Google AdWords? WordStream has the educational resources, tools, and PPC management software your businesses needs for success.

This Infographic is Property of WordStream, Inc.

WordStream is a provider of PPC management software, PPC tools, and a FREE keyword research tool for discovering profitable keywords (key words) for PPC and SEO.© 2011 WordStream, Inc.
To your success,
Thomas Price, AST (Automated Success Team), Motor Club of America San Antonio

Sunday, November 25, 2012

MLM Prospecting Tips and Tricks

Looking for a few mlm prospecting tips proven to work?
Great. I’ll share a few mlm prospecting tips, tricks and inside secrets that have helped me build three very profitable network marketing businesses over the years but first let’s take a minute to define “prospecting” specifically:
  • – Prospecting is the physical search for minerals… or precious metals…
  • - The search for potential customers or buyers
  • Dan Kennedy – Prospecting Sucks!
In the arena of direct sales and network marketing I would have to define mlm prospecting as:
The search for potential customers and business partners.
If done correctly, not a big deal. If done incorrectly – then I have to side with Dan and agree wholeheartedly that “prospecting sucks”.
The difference that makes all the difference is one of mindset, marketing and automated systems.

MLM Prospecting Tips – Mindset

Let me ask you a question. Think about “prospecting” your family and friends. How does that make you feel?
Do you immediately go into defense mode and start making all kinds of excuses like “I don’t want to bother my friends… I don’t want to pester my family… I have no friends left… I’m part of the NFL club?”
If so that’s a HUGE clue you have the wrong mindset from the start.
If you think approaching family and friends is somehow going to be taking advantage of them – then you do not understand the power of what you have your hands on. You don’t really understand the life-changing potential of your products or of having a vehicle that offers the potential to create true time and financial freedom.
If you think you are somehow bothering people – then, chances are, you are coming from a position of MAKING A SALE… and no one likes to be sold anything, do they? Of course not!
But when we find something we want, we LOVE to buy stuff. Seriously. Shopping, for many people, is one of their most precious past-times.
Conventional selling depends on systems and techniques designed to convince or persuade people into doing something YOU want them to do (buy my product… join my program) without any real regard to their actual want or need of the product or opportunity.
Expert MLM prospecting is the SEARCH FOR people who may have a sincere interest, need or want in what you have to offer before ever presenting your offer.
Notice the difference? Traditional selling can often be manipulative. You’re out to earn a commission – regardless.
Wheresas the right mindset is one of discovery. Does your prospect have a particular problem, challenge or need you have a potential solution for? If not, there is no need to present. Make sense?
Learning this distinction between “selling and prospecting” is one of the most powerful mlm prospecting tips you can embrace. It changes everything.

MLM Prospecting Tips – Marketing

Remember the dictionary definition of prospecting?
  • Prospecting is the physical search for…”
Think exploration and discovery. Because when prospecting we are looking for people who have a particular problem, need or desire our products or business opportunity might be the solution for.
In order to find these people and unearth if there is a problem, need or desire – we have to ask questions. We need to engage. We need to establish a baseline relationship first. And if when we find a person who has a problem we can help solve – that still doesn’t mean they are a good prospect for your business because they might not have the time to build a business. They might not have the money to invest right now… or even the desire, really, to even solve their problem right now.
So how does marketing fit into the picture?
Traditional mlm prospecting meant buying leads and “physically searching for” prospecting by picking up the phone and dialing. It works, but it is a lot of work. Marketing would be to use a telephone broadcasting service to do the same thing.
Old-school prospecting meant approaching anyone and everyone within three feet of you, making a connection, then pouncing on them with THE QUESTION: “Well, hey… do you keep your options open to making extra money working from home?” Marketing might look like running a few business opportunity ads in the local paper or online and having people respond to the ad.

MLM Prospecting Tips – Automated Systems

Unless you have more time than money and really have the desire to build your business at a snail’s pace… there is no reason today to personally “physically search for” prospects.
  • There is no reason to personally pick up the phone and grind through 100-200 prospecting calls per day. You can use a phone broadcasting service to do the same thing.
  • There is no reason to manually visit 100 classified ad sites online to post ads when you can use software to do the same thing in minutes.
  • There is no reason to even have to follow up with unqualified prospects when you can send them to an online presentation that gives them “cost of admission” up front and have them CALL YOU if they have a sincere interest in moving forward and if they can afford to make that happen now.
Personally, one of the greatest mlm prospecting tips I can share with you is to start thinking about your business as a real business versus a tiny, home-based business where you are wearing all the hats. How can you automated redundant tasks? How can you expand your prospecting and marketing efforts? How can you attract potential prospecting automatically versus spending your precious time and dollars hunting for them?

To your Success,

Thomas Price, AST (Automated Success Team) Motor Club of America San Antonio

Friday, November 23, 2012

16 Things You Didn't Know About Sleep

16 Things You Didn't Know About Sleep

Everything You ever wanted to know About Why to Go Platinum Now

Hello Fellow Associates:

Many of you have inquired on and expressed an interest in the Matrix arrangement of the business opportunity associated with Motor Club of America (MCA). For the convenience of the group (especially sponsors who have a large number of referrals who are associates) and as a means to respect and uphold the time freedom endeavor that we all pursue, I chose to put together a list of sources where you can complete your INDEPENDENT information gathering process of the matrix arrangement.


Note: All of the links above are presentations of the same matrix opportunity. However, they have different styles of discussing the arrangement. For those of you who are serious about gaining maximum insight on this opportunity, it is imperative that you view all three.

Recorded Teleconference:
  • 712-432-0990 pin: 278541

(Printable) PDF File:

Note: This document is intended to be a guide and is particularly helpful while listening to the recorded teleconference presentation.


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To your success, Thomas Price, (AST) Automated Success Team , Motor Club of America San Antonio

Thursday, November 22, 2012

AST - Entry Level Sales Professional $420-2100 Weekly!

Must Be Commission Driven... Full Time/Part Time ENTRY LEVEL SALES PROFESSIONAL.. $60-180 + Daily For Big Hitters! Due to expansion, we are willing to train highly motivated people for full time management, customer service, and sales opportunities but you must be willing to work hard in an entry level customer service, sales, and marketing position. All openings are ideal for recent graduates, or professionals with customer service and sales experience looking for a career change because this is a full time/part time entry level sales position in a booming industry! Our team enjoys: • Excellent work environment where fun meets success • Support and backing from fortune 500 clients • Weekly bonuses and incentive plan • Upward mobility path with a personal business and sales mentor provided to each new crew member • Travel opportunities • Compensation based upon performance
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Art of getting Recommendations

When you’ve made the sale, you close your kit, and when the prospect sees you close the kit, the process is over in their mind and they kind of relax. Then the first thing I say is, “I want to ask you a question. As a matter of fact, I need your help. We’ve found as a company that we get our best members from people just like you, hard-working, responsible people. Who do you know here in this area that would make me a good member?”

When somebody says “I want to ask you a question” an antenna goes up. They kind of perk up a little bit. And then you say “As a matter of fact, I need your help.” They immediately move to ‘how can I help this guy?’ Then you say “we’ve found as a company” – not that I’ve found, but “we’ve found as a company that our very best members come from people just like you, hard-working, responsible people. Who do you know here in the area that would make a good member?” You don’t say, “Who do you know that would buy this?” or “Who’d be interested in it?” because you don’t want your prospect trying to figure out, ‘who would buy it or who would be interested.’ You just say, “who’d make a good member?”

The average person will give you five names of people to go see. With those people you call on as a result of recommendations, the closing ratio is a lot higher than cold calls, because a friend or relative, someone they respect or love, sent you over there. If you want a long career in the motor club business, learn the art of getting recommendations. After many years in the Direct Sales Industry, I have found that the people that are successful and have long careers with any company, have learned the art of getting recommendations.


To your success,
Thomas Price, AST (Automated Success Team), Motor Club of America San Antonio

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10 Things Entrepreneurs Should Be Tweeting About

Apart from creating a vibrant branded Twitter account for your startup, business owners should consider creating their own personal account on Twitter. Fans and followers often want to connect with the person behind the brand.
Giving customers and prospects a glimpse into the entrepreneur's life and mindset can allow them to cultivate a deeper relationship with customers separately from the brand. The goal, of course, is to increase customers' loyalty to the brand.
Here are 10 things every entrepreneur can tweet about, which can allow your clients and prospects to see another side of you:
1. Personal news: Share the big events of your personal life -- vacations, weddings, births -- the type of info you'd share with close friends. It can help keep your followers feeling like they're "in the loop." You're also more likely to make a connection with followers who have experienced something similar.
2. Mistakes and lessons: Sharing mistakes and what you learned is a sign of growth, not weakness. Try doing a "What I learned this week" tweet and see how your followers respond.
3. Answers to questions: If someone asks a question on Twitter and you know the answer, share it. This can also be a way to develop a FAQ within your industry, which you can later point them to via a link.
Related: 5 Tips for Using Social Media as a Customer Service Tool
4. Links to articles: They key to sharing articles is to also include your unique opinion. Let others know why you liked or didn't like an article.
Just remember that your opinion paints a public image, which means you should be cautious about which opinions you choose to share -- ideally only those which are congruent with your market. Keep the rest to yourself.
5. Pictures of unusual things you see: If something catches your attention, it's probably going to catch the attention of others, too. So why not share it? This includes visually impressive products, food and architecture.
6. Wisdom from the book you're reading: When you hit a "golden nugget" of wisdom in a book, share it. It not only shows that you're well read, but that you value wisdom. Those are two things that can only help your reputation.
7. Interesting advertising: When a billboard or any other advertising catches your attention, take a picture and tweet it. Everyone can benefit from seeing smart marketing.
Related: Want Better Twitter Results? Try These Effective Types of Tweets
8. Fun purchases: Sharing your recent purchases, such as music, video games or sports equipment can stir up comments and conversations from others that have bought similar items and enjoy the same kind of entertainment.
9. Share wisdom from outside the world of business: Quotes from sports heroes, military leaders and artists can teach us about innovation and leadership, which are essential to business success.
10. Your work: The greatest links you can share are links to your personal work, but don't limit that to what you do professionally only. If you have a hobby or passion for something creative, share it.
What types of tweets would you add to this list? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Read more stories about: Twitter, Personal branding, Social media marketing, Twitter marketing
A former professional athlete, New York City-based Lewis Howes is co-author of LinkedWorking (418 Press, 2009) and creator of the LinkedInfluence training program.

To your success,
Thomas Price, AST (Automated Success Team), Motor Club of America San Antonio

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