Tuesday, August 14, 2012

EgoPay.... finally :)

So August the 10th I got my money to invest in Just Been Paid like I do every month and I decided to use EgoPay. Funded Payza, send it to EgoPay and from there to my JSS account. Transaction was successful but as I checked my JSS account there was no money there. No problem... just wait a bit and check back later. 
Got back at the evening and see there: no money yet transferred. So I entered the conference room and asked about how long it normally takes to fund JSS account using EgoPay. The answer there was from 10 minutes to two hours. Oops... not good... let's wait till tomorrow and see what happens. 
The next morning I logged into my Just Been Paid account and still no money there. Of course this was too long waiting so I submitted a support ticked in my Just Been Paid back office about that funding problem
Well today I was just surfing the net and see there: I received an email from JSS-Support: Account Successfully funded :)
Logged in to see the money was there and also bought my triplers ;) So it took 4 days for EgoPay to send the money to my JSS account: maybe because I send it on a Friday?

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