Saturday, August 11, 2012

Changed my mind...

Yesterday I spent about 45 minutes in the live conference room. There were many people complaining, like every day in there, about the delays and not receiving payments and bla bla bla.... It really is a tough job being there as a moderator always having to answer the same questions. you can really see people asking the very same thing multiple times instead of reading and listening to see that this question or concern has already been discussed or answered :(

I remember I read in the update box of my Just Been Paid back office about a 14 days delay in the placing of the JSS positions generated by the latest restart. My strategy I thought was to transfer funds to my JSS account from my daily earnings so I could make it up to $400 in there so I could pay for all those matrices I received from the restart. But as I read in the conference room, the delay for placing the matrices again takes about 50 days. So I just took all the money I had aside in my JSS account (a bit over $100) and sent it back to my Tripler account and bought new triplers with all that cash :) I'll keep buying triplers again with all the earnings till the end of this month and then I'll start to set some money aside again for the JSS positions as I think that would be time enough to make it up to $400 ;)

Hope this works out 8)

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