Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Huge change to Just Been Paid coming... Profit Clicking

Hi there people!
I have been getting tonnes of e-mail and Skype messages as to what is happening with Just Been Paid.  And understandably so, as Just Been Paid has not effectively communicated this change to us: the members.
We are all waiting for an official e-mail from JBP about how this transition to the new site, new name, and servers will work.
Please do not try to access and login to the new site until advised to do so.

Updated JBP information can come from the official JBP Facebook page.

Please let me assure you that our money is safe, everything will be  transitioned  across smoothly and payment and placement will speed up dramatically as a result.

The name change, the new website, and new servers have been in planning for months.  Those that attend Fred's weekly calls or listen to the recording would have been aware of these exciting changes.

This is not the end, but just a great new beginning for this amazing program that has set me and hundreds of thousands of others free.
Here is the latest post from the FB site:
We know that you are all waiting for answers... they are coming we promise... here is what can be disclosed at this time....

*No your accounts are not being closed.
*Your money is safe and in the processes of being transferred along with all your referrals top the new site.
*You cannot log into your account as of yet, but you will receive a personal email when this time comes.

It has been a very exciting day with a lot of new information and direction. Stay tuned here for the latest updates and thank you for being huge part of our success.

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