Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Just Been Paid not paying... scam...

If you have been in the Just Been Paid conference room lately you'll end up fed up with all people asking the same question every single minute:
Where is my payment for the last 3 days?
Why haven't I've been paid yet?
I think Just Been Paid is a scam!
I feel Just Been Paid is going to scam us soon!
Why can't I withdraw money?
Just Been Paid is not paying me!
Bla bla bla bla....

Ohh dear fellow Just Been Paid members: Have you noticed the very big Golden Box with the red title: Important Announcements ? You can see it just once you've log into your account. Well, this box is there for a reason: 
For the members to read it and know what is going on.

So Just Been Paid is moving their servers as, again, the system is not able to keep up to date with all the member growth and they also want to change things on the website so they need to improve all that stuff. So in that Golden Box you can read all about that. 
The tripler feed is about 72 hours late: this means that we'll have a delay in our payments for at least 3 days or more and also newer members are paid first than older ones. The placing for our bought JSS Triplers is also delayed and will not show up immediately after buying them; have patience!
If you have used EgoPay to fund your JSS account, it will also take time: my last transaction took 4 days to be completed. But it will be done; do not panic!
About withdrawing money: I don't know why but they have set a limit to the amount that can be withdrawn every day per Payment Processor. We, as members, have a limit of $500 per processor, per day. This means that at most you are able to withdraw $2000 a day from your account. But there is also a limit on the money Just Been Paid can, or is allowed, to handle in a day so once that amount is reached for a certain processor you'll get a message telling you that the daily limit has been reached or something like that. Well, try with another processor: you have 4 to choose from. If you are not able to withdraw money to any of them, come back in one - two hours and try again or try tomorrow at a different time. You can also access the live conference room as the members post there when the withdrawals are open for a certain processor.

I'm really wondering why so many people are so negative and can not understand that this is a business and there are always things that can go wrong. Nothing works at 100% all the time (note: Wealth 4 all does so far) and you need to be patient and read the updates. Just Been Paid has been paying its members ever since I knew the program and it will continue to do so. If they would like to run with the money they could have done this long time ago but instead, they are working on their system and their site and keep paying it's members. You just need to do one thing: concentrate in building your business!
Amen :)

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