Thursday, August 9, 2012

My first JSS Matrix... level 1 filled!

So after almost one month my first level in my first JSS Matrix position has been filled! That's great!
I've now contacted the 2 members placed in the spots I bought and upgrade myself to introduce myself and advice them how to proceed.  This is the best think we could do as we all are here to make money and we need to keep moving the matrices as otherwise this will get us nowhere. Now it's their turn to buy and upgrade their level 1 spots to get them filled as soon as possible. If it takes the same time like mine I'll be cycling this matrix in about another month time :)

I would like to advise yo to use this site:

It's quite easy and useful: simply copy the content of the matrix you want to analyze and paste is into the box. It will then tell you how to proceed and give you different email templates you can use to send to your downline members in the matrix.

Happy earnings :)

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