Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Protecting your Just Been Paid account

I almost every day I just spend some time in the Just Been Paid live conference room and I was really surprised to read that they have many complains at the support because of hacked accounts. Looks like those people sending out their phishing emails are being rewarded :( That is really TOO BAD and cannot be tolerated.
People, stay safe online; I'm not joking here as we are talking about important stuff. In my case it would be a shame for me to lose my account even though I'm not earning a ton of money, but I'm doing fine. Others might earn much more but to me it is my account that is important and I need to do all I can to keep it safe from hackers and other kind of people who would like to steal my details and, in this case, also my money. They might not get more than $20 or $40 before I manage to cancel the account but anyway, this is something we can and should avoid.
Here is some valuable info I'm just taking over from the Just Been Paid site. Please read it and make sure you have it all done to maintain your account as safe as possible!
Protecting Your JustBeenPaid! Account from Hackers and Other Spies.
We notice that JBP members are using passwords which will give a hacker access to your JBP account within 30 seconds.
Never use your date of birth as a password for your JBP account
Never use simple passwords secure your JBP password by using a password like: Xx2iF*Lp
Not like these:
spring, summer, fall, winter, September, October, etc...

When a form says Enter Password, it does not mean for you to write: password into the field for it. It means that you should enter something as a password, such as Xx2iF*Lp.

Roboform.com is an excellent way to deal with logging in and passwords. It also has a password generator. Roboform is free for a number of entries and then it has a yearly fee. Roboform is well worth the money.
There's also a password program available for Smartphones as an app.

When using an internet café or other public computer to access your JBP account always log out of your account. Never just get up and leave enabling the person after you access your JBP account with ease. Also make sure that nobody is crowding you when you enter your password.
First, Log out! -Don't just close the window!
Delete your browser history: Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explore etc.
  • For Firefox, click on Tools, Privacy tab, and then on Clear Recent History and just check all the boxes, click “Clear Now”.
  • For IE, click on Tools then options and then on delete cookies. In the drop down menu of the address bar you see the urls and you can click the X next to all the pages you visited in JustBeenPaid and they have been easily deleted.
  • For Chrome, click the wrench in upper right hand corner select history a new page will open. Select Delete All History.
Even at home, if you have company over, make sure that you are logged out properly and that you have no passwords on stickies either on your desktop or stuck to the monitor - or on your desk. Therefore, log off everywhere also at home before you leave your computer.
If websites offer to save your login information, refuse, click on "no" or check the "no" box.
Google offers a second Step verification to secure your Google email account this is a good way to protect your JustBeenPaid email from being hacked
There are key scramblers that can be downloaded from http://download.cnet.com
Keep your email address password extremely secure. Someone might try to change your password on one of your accounts but if they can't get into your email account to verify the change your account will be safe. You will see the confirmation email and can then change your password for the account the hacker tried to get control over and for your email account too - just to be on the safe side and never the same passwords for each.
If you get an email asking you to confirm your password change from JBP and you did not change your password, do not click the link. Reply back to the email that you did not request to change your password.
There are free scans that are good, so use these to scan you system at least once a week.
www.fsecure.com has a free scan and this also removes any malware for free. Malwarebytes.com is good to use, it's fast and free.
If you buy a new laptop or desktop and give the old one back to the shop (to a friend, family member or auction it off) please delete everything on the hard disk before taking it in or otherwise disposing of it. There are programs that will overwrite the hard disk and it's worth doing, because you don't want them to check to see if they can salvage anything and find all your information laid out for them on your hard disk. www.oo-software.com and their Safe Erase is especially of interest to our German members although the site is also in English.
Make sure you have a good anti virus and firewall installed. Secure your wireless connection according to the router instructions.
So remember to:
  • Create strong and separate passwords for your email accounts. Do not use words found in
    the dictionary (in any language).
  • Keep your operating system updated.
  • Never reply to emails asking for your password. Not any company that you are a member of needs your password.
  • Be very careful when using public or shared computers and also with unsecure wireless networks.
  • Make sure your security question is something absolutely nobody knows the answer to.
    You don't have to be truthful and say your uncle's name is John, which everyone knows. He can be Raymond or even Starship99.
  • Be very careful at Facebook and other Social Sites and if you happen to visit some sites that are x-rated, always scan afterwards. Casinos, some dating sites, and x-rated sites along with game sites can be infested with viruses. Being careful is time consuming but it saves us from a lot of grief and even more lost time.
Skype users never save history, disable wifi
Do not link your Skype and Facebook accounts. This is an open invitation for hackers!
Never put any JBP account information on Skype.
Go to tools and options and privacy to change these settings.
A long read but best to spend a bit of time reading and be safe than not to and run into problems.

Account Security Disclaimer:
We do not recommend allowing access to your JBP account, due to the possibility of sensitive information such as payment processors and email addresses being accessed by other individuals or entities such as hackers.
Activities which may lead to a hacked account:
  1. Providing any person with your personal account details 
  2. Sharing accounts with other members
  3. Members funding other member accounts
  4. Having the same password for all your accounts
We recommend every member create a daily regimen to protect their information after all this is your financial livelihood. If your account should become compromised due to allowing access to your information, we highly recommend taking the necessary steps to safe guard your email address and payment processor information.
If members should decide to pursue such activities outlined in this disclaimer, we will not be held liable for resulting consequences.

Again people, stay safe, protect your Just Been Paid account as it will have a lot of money in there you don't want to lose :) 

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