Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sales Expert - Work At Home - MCA

AST Management
We are a marketing firm based out of San Antonio looking for people with potential and an ambitious
drive rather than experience to help us expand within America.

We are hiring for and full-time sales, marketing, and management positions.
We have an aggressive expansion plan laid out and are looking to find people who
would love to work in a, fun, competitive, positive-minded environment.


What we do:

AST is a sales/promotion/marketing company. The largest client we are currently building around is TVC.
We are sales/marketing representatives that work inside your general area (no cold-calling, no door-to-door, or no business-to-business sales).


Who We're Looking For:
You must possess great people skills.
You must demonstrate excellent work ethic.
You must have a positive business attitude like the rest of our enthusiastic staff.
You must be able to be team-oriented.
You must have self-motivation.
You must be confident you'll be successful, just waiting for a career opportunity where you can prove yourself.

Our Management Training Program focuses on the following areas:
Sales and Marketing. This job involves face to face sales of services to new business prospects. (No telemarketing! No direct mailing!)
Leadership Skills
Effective Communication Techniques
Marketing Campaign Roles
Sales Strategies
Team Management


Employees with a proven track record will have the opportunity to participate in our Leadership and Management Development Program.
Pay based upon performance. No Experience Necessary! To schedule an interview this week apply with us now! Http://

To your success,
Thomas Price, AST (Automated Success Team), Motor Club of America San Antonio

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