Thursday, November 15, 2012

Successful Goal Setting - SEVEN STEPS FOR GOAL SETTING

1. Identify the Goal

2. Set a deadline for achievement

3. List obstacles to overcome

4. Identify the people and groups to work with to accomplish your goal

5. List skills and knowledge required to reach your goal

6. Develop a plan of action

7. List the benefits – What’s in it for me.


Look at dream sheet and select only those items you truly want to achieve.

Combine items from both the dream sheet and the self-evaluation to get a

comprehensive list of your major goals.

Before you transfer items to your Major Goal Sheet, make sure you can answer yes to

these 5 questions.

1. Is it really my goal?

2. Is it morally right and fair?

3. Are my short-range goals consistent with my long-range goals?

4. Can I commit myself emotionally to complete the project?

5. Can I visualize myself reaching this goal?

If so record the item on your Major Goal Sheet.

From the new list select at least 2 goals that you will work on every day.

For each goal you work on daily apply the seven steps to goal setting.

Identify Goal Identify People

Set Deadline List Skills

List Obstacles Develop Plan

List Benefits

Evaluate all of your goals on a regular basis.

When one goal is reached, replace it immediately with another goal.

Certain emphasis on goals may change so review your entire list regularly and adjust.

If it is a give up goal share it with everybody.

If it is a go up goal share it only with those you love and trust who will give you support.

In order to reach you Goal you have to make a Commitment.


Goals enable you to:
Know, be, do and have more…

Use your mind and talents fully…

Have more purpose and direction in life…

Make better decisions…

Be better organized and effective…

Do more for yourself and others…

Have greater confidence and self-worth…


Feel more fulfilled…


Be more enthusiastic and motivated…


Accomplish uncommon projects…


In order to succeed in life you must become a Flee Trainer.

1. Flee Trainers are driven from within.

2. Flee Trainers are not a SNIOP, they are not Susceptible to the Negative Influences

of Other People.
3. Flee Trainers understand that you will get everything you want in life if you just

help enough other people get what they want from life.

4. Flee Trainers don’t tell other where to get off, they show them how to get on.

5. Flee Trainers don’t try to see through other people, they try to see other people

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