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You Sell - They Watch
You Sell - They Help
You Help - They Sell
You Watch - They Sell

You will still need to spend time with your new recruits, try to help them when necessary. Make sure to talk to them at least once a day. Remember, every four presentations should produce one sale.

If a new recruit goes one day without a sale, they need you

If you leave them without sales for a couple of days, they will quit. So check up on them to see how they are doing. If they need help, watch them do a presentation or two. Pay attention and determine what areas they need help with. Common mistakes nearly all trainees make are (1)trying to explain what we do without using the book; and (2) not asking for a close.

Training is an on-going process.

Talk to your new Associates daily to find out how they did. If they go one day without making a sale, go work with them THE NEXT DAY. Always ask to see the applications they got started. This is often the biggest problem — they don’t ask the information to start completing the application. New Associates often become timid; but reassure them that this is the most effective way to become successful. People like to see things completed. Once the application is started, it is hard for a person to turn away. Have your new Associates draw stick men on a sheet every time they do a presentation (go through the flip chart). Teach them that they should never have more than four stick men before they make a sale. If they do, they are missing a step — probably not asking for the information to start the application. It takes 1 to 2 months to successfully train a new associate. Once they are successfully making 1 to 2 sales per day they should have the confidence to begin recruiting and training their own sales team. So keep in contact; check your team sales; and this will allow you to know who to encourage and who to help.


To have a successful team, you must lead the way. People will follow and do what you do. There are several areas in which to lead:

  • Personal Income 
  • Personal Sales
  • Earning Bonuses 
  • Recruiting
  • Training
  • Follow-up (INSPECT what you EXPECT)

To be a leader you must have someone who is following your lead. If you look behind you and no one
is following you, you may want to re-evaluate how you are leading and training your people.


  • Even when training, don’t let your personal sales drop.
  • Always set a good example for your Associates to follow.
  • If you let your sales drop, so will they.
  • Your personal commission is what you put into it.
  • If you put in the hours, you will reach your goals.
Be committed to your work schedule, Some days your count will be 10; other days it will be
three. However, your weekly total should always be 10 - 15 if you put your time in.
Follow the System. We have an effective recipe to help Associates close their sales. You follow it.

Teach your Associates to follow it, because it works.

Having a positive attitude is the most powerful thing you can pass on to your team. If you
follow the system, you will make good commissions.

Remember when you are working, it is time to make money! Always do your paperwork after your work time (or before), just not during your “selling” time.
Ask your family and friends not to call you when you are “selling”.

Come to work with the number of applications packets you plan to sell that day, never less

than 15 to 20 packets. It is a state of mind. If you believe, you can achieve.

Set goals, then plan your week to achieve them. This helps you to keep focused so that youcan Earn all of the bonuses available.

Keep your team focused on winning bonuses. Let them know where they are so that they don’tfall short by one or two sales.


Watch your personal sales and team sales each week. Set business goals and continue to recruit new Associates until you reach them. Then set new goals.

Duplicate yourself. Develop Managers in your truck stops that can build different areas for you.

Then they are earning money, and so are you!


Keep your invitations and presentation simple so your Trainees can duplicate them easily.

Communicate with your team. Call them and watch their sales on the Internet.

Identify those who need your help. If someone has not made sales for a couple of days, have them work with you. Give them additional training and encouragement.

Follow up. Schedule times to go back and work with new Associates. Pay attention and give them suggestions on how to increase their sales.


A team will follow a Leader.
Be a Serious Minded Person.

a) Write 15 applications a week.
b) Practice the 5 Steps of the Success Coin.
1. Believe in the Company the Product and Yourself.

3. Share the 3 Question or “If you were my savings counselor.”

4. Practice the 3 Foot Rule.

5. Sponsor 2 per Week.

c) Do 5 Year Recruiting Overlay.
d) Be FAT - Faithful, Available and Trainable.
e) Qualify for all Weekly and Monthly Bonuses.

Give great customer service.

Be available to help team members.

Set daily, weekly and monthly income goals.
Be supportive of company incentives, and help team members qualify.

Go to work with 15-20 packets, ready to sel

To your success,
Thomas Price, AST (Automated Success Team), Motor Club of America San Antonio

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