Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Restart executed!

Half an hour ago I tried to log into my Just Been Paid back office but it was down for maintenance. Just a minute back I was able to log in and the restart just took place. How did it affect my account?
Well, almost 50% of my active triplers have been converted and I received 25 JSS Positions :) Here is a pic of how the latest restart affected my account:
You can see how the restart has increased the value of my Just Been Paid account from $1071 to $1800! And I received a restart cash of $20.50.
I'm only a bit concerned with the 26 JSS Matrices I have to work with now... well, once they are placed. From the update in the Just Been Paid back office it is stated that this will take up to 14 days... hopefully :)

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