Saturday, July 7, 2012

Delays in Just Been Paid payments

I just logged into my Just Been Paid back office and I got a little shock as there was no payment from my active triplers nor am I able to access the JSS-Tripler back office either. So, as usual and before starting to panic, I joined the conference room, you can enter it any time to ask questions and to know what is going on:
There I heard that the Just Been Paid crew are working on the tripler script as it needs to be upgraded. Due to the huge amount of members joining the actual script was not able to keep up with the payments so they need to work on it. That's the reason I'm not able, and I'm sure you cannot either, enter the JSS-Tripler site. That is also the reason why the payments have been delayed more and more during the last few weeks... 
Hope they manage to fix this soon ;)

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