Sunday, February 24, 2013

Is TelexFree Growing?

To sum up the answer to that question, YES TelexFree is growing and I'm so thrilled!  Here is a screen shot of day 54 now.  Of course you can scroll through my blog and see earlier growth.  I love tracking my business progress and see success.  Isn't that how we have success?  I want to see growth on a daily basis.   Here's my back office screen shot:

Click to enlarge pic. 

If you notice that I have growth going on both legs!  So, no matter where you come in with me, both sides are growing.  I have fantastic leaders on both legs and this is the reason for the success and growth.  Here at TelexFree, we don't have to recruit to be paid.  You choose to do that or not.  I feel this is a blessing and sharing TelexFree with others will be a BIG KEY to your success and company success.  

Keep in mind, we are growing internationally, so this is loads of fun.  I'll be doing a video soon on me selling back my packages and getting paid.  In the mean time, this below video explains how we make money (1) of the ways.  There are several ways, but here's 1 of them:  

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