Saturday, February 9, 2013

What Is TelexFREE?

TelexFree is a "USA" United States Based Company, with an Advertising Office based in Beautiful Brazil, so you may see some English Errors on the site that they are working on correcting now. Backbone Telecommunications Service Provider, in business for 9 years in USA 12/31/2002,and it changed names from Common Cents Communications to Telexfree on 2/15/2012. Please see below for supporting documentation. 

 Telex USA Company Info: 
 Telex BRAZIL Company Info: 
 Telex Legal Team Info: 

TelexFree AdFamily Promoter Kelly Tolar
TELEXFREE AFFILIATES, are the advertising arm for the company, and use Online FREE Classified Ads to advertise for the company to acquire customers for them. We are paid VERY well to do this for them! Please watch the video for more information and full details! Telexfree is a Network Marketing Telecommunications Company whose product is VOIP technology,that allows its customers to call freely to landline and mobile phones.

USA is has the green light for advertising TELEXFREE service and business building November 2012.  2013 will be a tremendous year for TelexFREE affiliates that share this opporunity.   Join us today as we build USA strong with TelexFREE. 

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